KLP // Artist // Triple J Host

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Describe a normal day in the life of KLP

There seriously is no real normal day! My schedule changes every week depending on where I am playing shows. Generally though, I spend a day in at triple j prepping House Party, then I spend a day or 2 in my studio making/writing music, then I travel and play gigs on the weekend/host House Party, and potentially I have a day off. That rarely happens though!

From an artists perspective, what issues/potential issues do you think the current Australian music industry face?

Staying positive and rising above the tall poppy syndrome. So many times I see people/artists take a negative approach to things/questions/supporting each other. It’s possibly seen as an easier approach at first, but long term it’s way better to be supportive and positive.


Have you had to overcome any challenges/adversity throughout your career? If so, can you tell us about them and how you approached them?

Yeah the imbalance between men and women is still very much everywhere. I’ve been in this industry since a really young age so I’ve got a thick skin – but for others I try to encourage discussion, and the idea that it’s possible for things to get better and change. The more women stick up for women, and MEN stick up for women, the more we will start to see things level out.

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day/week?

Sleep! Have a glass of red wine and hang with friends.

What’s the greatest piece of advice (relating to work/music/life in general) that you’ve been given?

Damn I can never remember quotes and things! I’m just going to say “have patience”.

How do you see Australian radio evolving with the advent of streaming services? Will traditional radio always have a place?

I can’t really speak  about all Australian radio as I only know triple j closely and have always actually been a listener of triple j, even before I worked there. But I do know that triple j is going damn strong – so I don’t see there being any issues there for a very long time.

Tell us a bit about how you started out in music and how you began hosting on triple j.

My dad is a musician so I literally grew up with music around me and the idea that it can very much be a viable career path. I first uploaded my original music through triple j unearthed and proceeded to win the Field Day competition. Then when I went in for an interview I made them a mixtape. I guess that showed I had skills and initiative. From there it was the guys at triple j unearthed that suggested me when the spot for a new host came up. So I have a lot to be thankful for with triple j and in particular triple j Unearthed.


field day


Where do you go to find new music?

I luckily get sent a lot of promos, then on top that, iTunes, beatport and soundcloud. Or shazzaming tracks when I’m out and about.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Pharrell Williams or Beck.

You are an artist, producer, announcer. Anything else we’ve missed? How do you transition from one role to the next?

Workaholic?! ha ha. Hmmm no that’s kind of it. I like to just say entertainer now. I think I’ve always been an entertainer from when I was little and would put on shows for my family and friends. I’m only just really realising that again. Being able to speak/host shows/act etc is a skill and I’m really starting to embrace it and own it a little more. I’m proud of all the skills I push myself hard to develop. I’m not scared of a stage that’s for sure.

Top 3 Artists to watch

I’m going to list some awesome females I am loving.

kucka_h_0214.683cd4ed9e5366ceb31bbcd01dc6a17bShe’s featured on a bunch of tracks but then also produces and writes her own music. She has a great unique tone.

montaigneThe track ‘Clip My Wings’ is so sick and is a nice breath of fresh air from a trend of whispery soft female vocals. I love that she belts it out.

olympiaI recently had the pleasure of watching her play ‘This Is Why We Can’t have Nice Things’ live and she played. Vocal skills, guitar skills and she also has some great stage costumes.

What is your go to karaoke song and why?

The Grease megamix! Because I’m a sucker for a good duet.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6phwuXPafuA]