You’ve recently released your debut EP ‘Black Smoke’ tell us a little bit about it.

Black smoke is a 6 track EP which incorporates a lot of language and is a reflection of my childhood and my story. It melds the more contemporary sound with traditional sound.

Describe a day in the life of Emily Wurramara?

I wake up have my tea and brekky then feed my cats, then I usually would go for a walk down the beach or hang out at home and cook, I love cooking!

What drew you into the music industry. Did you always know you this was your path, or did the music choose you?

I love songwriting, I love singing and I love performing and meeting new people, I saw how unexpected things happen in awesome ways!! And I love that about being a musician, you can travel and still do what you love. I don’t think I could picture doing anything else.

If given the chance, what would you change about the current Australian music industry to improve things or make it fairer for musicians?

I think more exposure to mainstream, there are so many wonderful talented artists who aren’t really recognised or acknowledged for their work.

Have you had to overcome any challenges or adversity in your career, and if so how did you approach them?

I think getting comfortable with performing and talking to people, I’m a very bubbly person, but I have insecurities and it’s taken me a while to accept that within myself.

To not be ashamed of who you are and where you come from, to stand your ground and know what you want and most of all listen to your heart.

Are there any skills that you’ve needed to develop as a musician that you didn’t realise you’d need?

Definitely arrangements of melodies and incorporating different instruments in my songs.

What is your favourite gig that you’ve ever played and why?

Just recently I went to the walking with spirits festival and jumped on stage with Coloured Stone…for “black boy” and “dancing with the moonlight” it was amazing!! The vibe was just so crazy!!! Everyone was dancing and me and Uncle Tom Lewis went back to back dancing and it was just insane! Such an incredible experience.

What is the song you wish you’d written? (but didn’t)

Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint

What advice would you give to those in the indigenous community, wanting to pursue music as a career?

To not be ashamed of who you are and where you come from, to stand your ground and know what you want and most of all listen to your heart.

Who are your role models in the industry whether they be international/Australian?

M.I.A she is amazing!!!! I love the way she’s incorporated her culture into her music.

Top 3 artists to watch right now?
What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you?

More touring, more songwriting, and definitely a new film clip ☺️

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Definitely Whitney Houston – Dance with Somebody

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