Vanja Bezbradica

Remote Control Records – Head Of Digital

“Being culturally and linguistically diverse was a barrier in getting employment in my twenties. Naturally it also played on my confidence. I changed the spelling of my name on my resume. It did result in more interviews.”

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Charlotte Abroms

Artist Manager – Hear Hear Group

“I learnt so much from just asking around. There’s no shame in being new to something, no one knew what they were doing when they started out.“

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Suzanna Slavin

Mom + Pop – Director Of A&R

“…Goldie called me one day saying “we’ve just signed an Australian artist/producer named Flume”…At that moment I knew the label was moving in a really exciting direction, because it was right at the start of the electronic Soundcloud movement and Harley (Flume) was at the forefront of it.”

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Sarah Donelly

Mushroom Group – Project Director

“This role was brand new so it was a great opportunity to make it my own and really grow in all areas of the business. I have been in the department for over 8 years, and have worked really hard to ensure I always keep learning, be the best possible leader for others, and develop our business operations, in particular touring, to be of world class standard.”

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Claire Collins

Manager And Publicist – Bossy Music + Lawyer – Brett Oaten Solicitors

“Once I started thinking about kids, I structured my business around it: I brought in a co-manager for D.D Dumbo as I knew he would be in cycle when I had a small baby and I made a deliberate decision not to scale the PR side of the company as I wanted to stay agile.”

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Antonia Gauci

Studios 301 – Audio Engineer

“Keeping positive was hard and still is, especially when you get the heart-wrenching no’s.”

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