Danielle Tuwai

Ace Agency & X-Change Music Initiative – Managing Director, AYA J – Artist Manager

“We need to increase and empower culturally diverse industry people and businesses. They are absolute key in leading and implementing better support for underrepresented artists.”

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Marietta Ouzas

Senior Director of A&R at Sony Music

“I’m very passionate about helping artists develop their own unique sound and aesthetic, so part of my role is connecting them with the most suited creatives who will bring their vision to life.”

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Cerisa Grant

Barpridhila – Events Manager & Artist Management

“Being a full-time mum and working towards a career in music has its struggles, but with passion and drive I know I will excel”

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Jacqui Louez Schoorl

Jaxsta – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

“If you don’t ensure that your credits are accurate and correct and in the digital music chain there is so much you will miss out on from work opportunities to royalties. Credits have a very long tail and metadata matters.”

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Alice Skye


“…let yourself feel a little vulnerable from time to time. Letting people in to who you are and your music, and being able to connect over that is one of the best feelings – even if it’s terrifying at first.”

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Trina Massey

Qmusic Program Manager – DJ

“Be involved in your music community.”

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Imbi The Girl


““allow”, with the underlying understanding that we cannot and will never be able to control the actions of others, what we can control is our reaction and the moves we consequentially make.”

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Vanja Bezbradica

Remote Control Records – Head Of Digital

“Being culturally and linguistically diverse was a barrier in getting employment in my twenties. Naturally it also played on my confidence. I changed the spelling of my name on my resume. It did result in more interviews.”

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Eleanor Dixon

Desert Diva – Musician

“I mean I love kids. Teaching them music and seeing these beautiful little girls faces light up when they get the chord progressions right or they hear their voice for the first time is one of the most magical feelings I will have ever experienced in being a mentor.”

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