Melody Forghani

twnty three Founder
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Clare Bowditch

Artist, author, actor and host
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Kerry Kennell

Same Way Nation – Director / Consultant
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“For me, being an artist means to reflect, share, empower, heal. To be an artist for me means to evoke change somehow, starting internally to externally.”

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Petrina Convey

UNITY. Mgmt Group Owner

“I just love being able to take all the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years and pour it into the development of Australia’s next generation of global talent.”

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Danielle Tuwai

Ace Agency & X-Change Music Initiative – Managing Director, AYA J – Artist Manager

“We need to increase and empower culturally diverse industry people and businesses. They are absolute key in leading and implementing better support for underrepresented artists.”

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Marietta Ouzas

Senior Director of A&R at Sony Music

“I’m very passionate about helping artists develop their own unique sound and aesthetic, so part of my role is connecting them with the most suited creatives who will bring their vision to life.”

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Cerisa Grant

Barpridhila – Events Manager & Artist Management

“Being a full-time mum and working towards a career in music has its struggles, but with passion and drive I know I will excel”

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