One of One is a not-for-profit, registered charity that is here to support the women and GNC people of the Australian music industry. We are lucky to work alongside so many hardworking women and GNC people. We have built an online community and we release regular spotlight interviews of women and GNC people in the music industry, with the aim of inspiring and empowering others, whether they be people who have worked in the industry for decades, those in the middle of their careers, or paving their way into the industry and wanting to connect with others. 

One of One was founded by Directors Sarah Hamilton (she/her), Joanna Cameron (she/her), and Vader Fame (they/them). We have welcomed Rebecca Young (she/her) as our third director in 2022, after Bec was an integral part of introducing the One of One events to our Sydney Community, and we value the contribution of Ellen Kirk (she/her), in 2018 and 2019. We’d also like to thank Kavisha Kuruk (she/her), our treasurer for a number of years. 

We have a small team of writers and contributors, Jessica Dale (she/her) and we are excited to welcome Louis Harrison (they/them) as contributing writer. 

The One of One events began in 2017, after Melbourne music industry matriarchs Helen Marcou (AM) and Kirsty Rivers approached us, with the idea of hosting an inclusive event for the women of the music industry on International Women’s Day. The first event was held at Bakehouse Studios, who have been constant supporters of the events.

In 2019, Sydney music industry heavyweights Jane Slingo, Emily Collins, Meg Williams and Rebecca Young began the tradition in Gadigal Land. 

In 2020, Anne Wiberg from Adelaide/Kaurna Yerta started the tradition in South Australia.

In 2022, One of One joined the AIR Women in Music Program to host events in Melbourne/Naarm, Sydney/Gadigal Land, Adelaide/Kaurna Yerta and Darwin/Larrakia Country (led by Coco Eke).

In 2023, One of One will partner with members of the Brisbane/Meanjin community to host the first event in Queensland. 

One of One would like to acknowledge everyone who has been involved in the International Women’s Day events across the years, and thank you deeply for your ongoing support and contributions. 

We are open to suggestions, comments and feedback at any time on 

If you’d like to nominate someone to be interviewed you can reach us on:

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their help, guidance, support and contribution. We’d also like to thank all of our performers, keynote speakers, sponsors and partners, friends, photographers, designers, artists, and anyone who has worked with us on our events.

Helen, Quincy and Lola Marcou, Kirsty Rivers, Jane Slingo, Emily Collins, Meg Williams, Johanna Greenway, Emily York, Cerisa Grant, Krissy Mastro, Anne Wiberg, Rachie Whitford, Coco Eke, Maria Amato, Elly Wright, Bonnie Dalton, Katie Stewart, Sammie Walsh, Sosefina Fuamoli, Linda Bosidis, Leanne de Souza, Chris O’Neill, Jaddan Comerford, Kate Duncan, Mel Dine, Sarah Rafferty, Cath Haridy and many more. We thank you all, and acknowledge your contribution. 

One of One is a community, and we invite you to be a part of it. We are here for you. 

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Sarah, Bec and Jo from One of One
The International Women’s Day event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne 2021
Rachie Whitford and Anne Wiberg in Adelaide, 2020.
Our wonderful MC Uppy Chatterjee, Emily Collins and Bec Young in Sydney, 2020.
Jane Slingo at the first event in Sydney, 2019.
Coco Eke, who leads the events in Darwin, receiving an award at the Forum, Melbourne, 2020.