Describe a normal day in the life of Ash London

Every day involves morning prayer or meditation, exercise, coffee and at least 10 minutes generally sitting around pondering my life. Usually the last two elements go hand in hand! I tend to head into work at around 1 or 2pm, depending on when our first artist interview is. Sometimes there will be none, sometimes there will be 3! Show prep kicks off around 3pm, then we are on air from 7pm, so it can be a bit of a mad rush in the afternoon.

What was your experience like, starting out in the music industry?

I had a really really great run. I’ve always loved music in the deepest part of my gut so to be a part of it in some small way is just the biggest of life’s blessings. I started out writing radio shows for other (much more famous) radio stars. Working behind-the-scenes well before I ever had an on-air role was the best prep for me because it allowed me to make all the mistakes in a space where nobody knew my name.

we shouldn’t have to wait for our local musos to get international recognition before we embrace them.

Have you had to overcome any specific challenges in your career and if so how did you do it?

My biggest challenges have been the own expectations I’ve put upon myself. As I approach 30, I’ve found myself really stressing out about what I have and haven’t achieved. The truth that I am coming to realise is that my path is my path, and if I follow my gut every day, treat people with kindness and work hard I can’t go wrong. Even if I never become the next Oprah or Zane Lowe or Graham Norton, I know I’ll be the best Ash London possible.

Who are your role models in the industry whether they be international/Australian?

From an entertainment standpoint – I am in awe of Graham Norton. I watch him and take notes. His ability to create an instant rapport between three or four guests is incredible. To facilitate conversations that seem natural and unforced the way he does on such a huge scale is so so impressive. I think Amanda Keller is a goddess – so smart, intelligent, funny and AUTHENTIC.

Amanda Keller

What advice would you give to 18 year old Ash?

I would tell myself that it’s all going to work out – I just have to back myself and stress less! Keep smiling, keep learning, eat well, exercise and remember that you KNOW NOTHING! Less talking, more listening – learn all you can and don’t rush things.  Enjoy the journey

What is your favourite way to wind down when you’ve had a busy day/week?

Red wine, Jimmy Fallon and my heater. Deluxe.

What are your thoughts on the Australian music industry currently and what changes would you like to see happen?

I think it’s exciting to see Australian audiences embrace local artists more, but there’s still so much more to be done. We shouldn’t have to wait for our local musos to get international recognition before we embrace them! I’d also love to see the Australian music industry embrace our local pop acts a little more…not just our indie/electro cool kids.

I’d also love to see the australian music industry embrace our local pop acts a little more… not just our indie/electro cool kids.

Shazam is readily used as a way to discover new music. How do you see it evolving in the next few years?

That’s a great question! The possibilities are endless with the Shazam app. I see it evolving more into the television space – as it’s such an easy way to connect TV advertising and content with a mobile device. Within the music space, just recently more and more artists have hopped on board so you can see what they’re shazamming – I love that!

Who do you feel was the most memorable or satisfying interview you’ve conducted over your career?

I grew up loving Robin Williams – watching Mork and Mindy, Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs. Doubtfire. I got to interview him a couple of years ago – and though I rarely get nervous – I was sweating! I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything embarrassing, yet as soon as I walked in and saw him there, I just blurted out how nervous I was and how much I loved him. He took my hands in his, looked into my eyes and told me I was going to be great. As it turned out I didn’t need to be great because he took over the interview with 10 minutes of pure gold. He was an incredible human being and I’m so honoured to have met him face to face.

Top 3 artists to watch in 2015?

Jarryd James
I have followed his career over the past couple of years and to see him finally crack mainstream success brings my life so much joy. He’s a local boy with so much talent that it doesn’t seem fair.

This chick is barely outta’ high school and already kicking some serious ass. She has a huge online following and is super, super smart and fearless. I wish I was this cool when I was 18.

Holy Holy
Local fellas. Their new album is blowing my mind. Death Cab for Cutie meets Jeff Buckley meets Boy and Bear. Unpredictable, beautiful music. I so hope these boys blow up and get rich and famous.

What’s your go-to Karaoke song and why?

Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay Z, but only if I have the right karaoke partner to do the Jay Z bit. Beyonce has so much attitude – and this song has a good dance break to really show off my twerking skills… which are not great.

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